Yo, I'm Carter glad you're here. Describing myself has always been a difficult thing to try to figure out what to say. On one hand, I'm a video editor (more often than not, that's what I say), but part of me thinks that doesn't fully encompass what I'm trying to do. Then, on the other hand, I want to say cinematographer, which sounds so much better, but then y have to explain why I picked that over video editor. Then there is a motion graphic designer or photographer, or director. Then one day, I realized there's only one way to say all that in one statement: I am a storyteller. More than anything, that's what I am. I want to tell stories, make people feel emotions, get to know people they wouldn't say, and maybe laugh and cry. That's what I hope happens when you see something I make. It's what I think about with every font, edit point, or song choice. 

Currently, my job is with Clemson Athletics. I am an associate director of Creative Solutions. My main and only job is content production and management of the platform ClemSon+ I create or manage the creation of all of our long-form documentary-style content 3 min and longer. I focus on any storytelling content and aim to tell the stories of our athletes.
Anyways that's me. Here are some fun pictures of me doing what I love, which is, in my opinion, the coolest job in the world.
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